What It Does

Business Process Management


Analytical Tool


Why Cirroc ?

Procurement Based

Because Cirroc is designed and developed by a group of Purchasing Professionals, it answers the needs of the Purchasing activity. Whether to help reduce the amount of manual work-time or to ensure a compliant process; Cirroc is here to improve the strategic side of the purchase process.

Always Improving

The best part about using cloud-based solutions? Is that you can see the system changing and improving every now and then. This is our commitment to our customers. Their insights and suggestions will drive Cirroc to become better in terms of visualization, technical or analytical. You'll be surprised at the changes of your Workspace!

Oil and Gas Industry

Cirroc is designed specifically for the Oil and Gas industry. Throughout the process, it follows all of the nuances contained within the regulations. From a simple tender advertisement creation through a sophisticated calculation of local content to producing detailed compliance or performance reports.

Indonesian Product

Our team includes a group of Indonesian purchasing professionals and IT experts, gathered in an Indonesian owned company (Dalam Negeri) and utilizes our server located in Indonesia. Our local content is 100% Indonesian and we are very proud of it.

Simple Pricing Term

Cirroc pricing terms are as simple as possible. It's a one-price subscription fee. This simplicity is made possible because the service is cloud-based. No user limitations, no module limitations, no maintenance costs, and no hidden costs.

High Mobility

Whether it is on a 15" Personal Computer, 10" tablet or 4" Iphone, you have access to your account provided that you have a wifi connection. And nowadays, nothing can be easier or more convenient.

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