We are in the era where work is no longer done alone in a cubicle or only in a building located downtown that requires one hour or more in transit time. Today, we work profesionally from multiple locations and at places most convenient for us. Therefore we need tools that can ensure that work can be done from anywhere, anytime and from any gadget that we own.


Highly mobile work requires a cloud system of operating. The future is in the clouds… don't be stuck in the past.


Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. The geographical conditions are a real challenge. A poor logistic infrastructure compounds the complexity. More than any country in Asia, Indonesia needs a system that can support work from remote areas to overcome the challenges.


Many buyers have a close-door policy with sellers. In doing so, the market is not as effective, and industry is not as well developed as it could be. The most effective market is where every seller has the same chance to showcase themselves and every buyer has complete information about the sellers that are in the market.


Ever wonder what technology can do to help the buying process? Can knowledge about past purchases assist to develop a better purchasing strategy? Can extensive information about a seller provide an advantage in a negotiation process? Can daily workload be streamlined so more time is spent on strategic sourcing? Does monitoring specific customer requests ensure perfect delivery? Technology can do this and so much more.


Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia is very unique. It is heavily regulated with many details on how to buy things. What is the best way to keep a disciplined process compliant to the regulation? Embrace technology into the process.

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